Common Ground – Snapshots of Everyday America’s Silent Majority

Robyn & Emily

common ground

                   Robyn Drew, age 59                                               Emily Cary, age 40


I often wish I could be a part of the classrooms that belong to Mrs. Drew and Mrs. Cary.  Love of students   plus   Love of subjects   equals    Learning

Point of Connection:  Robyn and Emily met when they both took 4th grade positions at a Nashville elementary school.  Their bond solidified when Emily’s father and father-in-law both passed away in a short span of time.

Same:  their devotion to students and learning make them an effective duo in the classroom.

Different:  age, skin color, mothers of differing age children.  Robyn will tell you Emily is the organized, detail-oriented part of this yin-yang that keeps her big-picture self together.

Finding value in each other:  Emily values and draws on Robyn’s wisdom while Robyn counts on Emily’s youthful spirit to brighten the hard moments.

Finding laughter:  you can decide which one is sarcastic and which one has the dry sense of humor.  But I’m going to point-blank tell you it was Emily who turned Robyn on to hip-hop music.

common ground


Stronger BECAUSE of our differences.




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Sam and Sophie

                                                                      Sophie, age 9     Sam, age 10

Point of Connection:  Sam and Sophie met in the First grade in a Nashville, TN school where they shared the same classroom.  Originally Sam thought Sophie looked a lot like a bully he had endured in kindergarten.  To his great surprise, Sophie turned out to be his next best friend.

Same:  love of pizza, math and recess

Different:  gender, skin color and freckles

Favorite thing to do together:  secret handshake, wrestle

Advice to grown ups on friendship:  don’t argue over silly things.  It doesn’t matter what the outside of a person looks like.  Look for the good in people.