Work on Common Ground Photo Project Begins

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Sam and Sophie

                                                                      Sophie, age 9     Sam, age 10

Point of Connection:  Sam and Sophie met in the First grade in a Nashville, TN school where they shared the same classroom.  Originally Sam thought Sophie looked a lot like a bully he had endured in kindergarten.  To his great surprise, Sophie turned out to be his next best friend.

Same:  love of pizza, math and recess

Different:  gender, skin color and freckles

Favorite thing to do together:  secret handshake, wrestle

Advice to grown ups on friendship:  don’t argue over silly things.  It doesn’t matter what the outside of a person looks like.  Look for the good in people.



One thought on “Work on Common Ground Photo Project Begins

  1. I love this picture and the students’ information. What a touching way to begin this incredible project. Sam and Sophie, you two rock! ♡

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