Work on Common Ground Photo Project Begins

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Sam and Sophie

                                                                      Sophie, age 9     Sam, age 10

Point of Connection:  Sam and Sophie met in the First grade in a Nashville, TN school where they shared the same classroom.  Originally Sam thought Sophie looked a lot like a bully he had endured in kindergarten.  To his great surprise, Sophie turned out to be his next best friend.

Same:  love of pizza, math and recess

Different:  gender, skin color and freckles

Favorite thing to do together:  secret handshake, wrestle

Advice to grown ups on friendship:  don’t argue over silly things.  It doesn’t matter what the outside of a person looks like.  Look for the good in people.



2 thoughts on “Work on Common Ground Photo Project Begins

  1. I love this picture and the students’ information. What a touching way to begin this incredible project. Sam and Sophie, you two rock! ♡

  2. Your work is what America needs more of right now! I love that you’re finding the common ground, our shared humanity. Currently, it seems we’ve firmly planted ourselves to the left and right, refusing to budge and seek. The other side as the enemy. The answers, however, will be found somewhere in the middle, the common ground. You give me hope. Keep up your inspiring work!!

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